Monday, August 20, 2018

How To Fix Scuffed Heels

Paint the fabric glue right on the heel making sure to stay within the seams for pro looking. For minor surface scuffs and scratches try using some quick fixes that don t require any special products.

How To Repair Your Scuffed Suede Heels

Sand the heel lightly with fine grit sandpaper to remove rough edges and any dirt.

How to fix scuffed heels. Avoid using toothpaste on darker colored shoes as it may stain the material. Sadly this won t work for bigger and or deeper scuffs for them you will need a soft polishing cloth and shoe wax. Before painting your heels clean the soles heel and inside with some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls.

Kirby allison shows how to remove scratches from leather shoes. Leave to dry for 15 minutes. From time to time it is normal to find yourself with a scratched or scuffed pair of shoes.

Finally use the brush again to clean the excess wax off. Do not use toothpaste containing any abrasives or bleaches as this may damage the shoe. Work the polish over the entire shoe until all of the scuffs are concealed.

As long as you give them proper care and. Sprinkle flocking powder directly on the heel. Squeeze fabric glue into a dish.

Hair dryer optional if you ve decided to tape off your shoe in sections then begin by taping off all the areas you don t want to paint. Apply the wax in small circles over the scuffs. Use specialty shoe repair and leather care products to fix more serious deeper scuffs and scratches to bring your shoes back to life.

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