Do You Wear A Cup In Soccer

It has a pocket to accommodate a cup which will. Soccer players do not typically wear cups.

Yadier Molina And Others Spur Evolution Of Athletic Cups

Available in both soft and rigid styles the comfort of the cup usually determines whether a soccer player wears it on a regular basis.

Do you wear a cup in soccer. The cup should fit snugly around your testicles. Only for infield catcher and always in football. I think you can get away with compression shorts now if you don t plan on wearing a cup.

Determine the size of cup that you need based on your waist line. I think that they just wear a regular jockstrap without a cup. This is made painfully obvious whenever a player goes down injured after receiving contact in the groin area or a nefarious player attempts to gain an.

It should feel snug but not tight enough to be uncomfortable. Extra protective gear may include sliding shorts mouth guards protective cups knee and elbow pads padded soccer pants. History of the protective cup.

Some men believe that they don t need to wear a protective cup when playing or competing but the reality is that a protective cup is a necessary precaution if you want to protect yourself from the risk of permanent damage. Wearing a cup while playing soccer while not mandatory is useful in avoiding possible injury related to getting hit with the ball or kicked in the pelvic area. Rules say that additional equipment may be worn as long as it doesn t pose a danger to players however check with your local league.

I ve been playing soccer for a decade and i ve only been hit in the nuts a couple of times so for me to buy a cup would be a poor investment. I m just saying that it s not a regular occurrence. Fifa provides no specific rules about protective gear.

If you are a teenager and are concerned about getting hit. Slip the cup inside the pocket in front of the athletic supporter or compression shorts. Do a few squats or lunges.

If the cup moves around or pinches adjust it to sit more securely. A true footballer never wears cups but it s up to each individual if he decides to wear one. Always wore a jock.

I never wore one in soccer or basketball. I do not think that most professional football players wear a cup however. The purpose of the athletic supporter is to hold your genitals close to your body.

Take a few steps and move around. If you are afraid to get hit in the nuts then you can buy a cup.

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