What To Wear For Hip Hop Dance

Shop streetwear inspired hip hop clothes made for the stage that you won t find just anywhere. If you are going to your hip hop audition and are wondering what shoes you should wear you might be surprised to find that most people wear good shoes for hip hop dance class to audition perform is an athletic shoe.

Dance Talk What To Wear To Hip Hop Class

It s too hard to re use your school book bag for dance class.

What to wear for hip hop dance. Hip hop dance can either be casual exercise or performance art depending on what the dancer is trying to express. Wear shoes that you feel comfortable in and that have white soles as black soles can scuff the dance floor and are most often prohibited. So over sized pants jerseys and sneakers became the costumes in which these dancers presented their moves to the world.

The main reasons are to be as comfortable as possible to do the dance moves. This is the reason why the clothing primarily includes the clothes that people would normally wear. When hip hop dance first grew in prominence it started out as a street dance form.

Do not wear hip hop shoes outside the dance studio. Instead get a. Shoes worn in hip hop classes are usually your favorite pair of athletic shoes.

You should be drinking water regularly throughout your dance class so you stay hydrated. Your studio likely has a water. Casual exercisers can wear clothes for functionality like those mentioned above.

Pastry pop tart black matte hip hop shoes are available through our curtain call for class link. As they re merely dancing in a casual environment they need not be so regimental about their outfit. What could be more fun than taking hip hop classes but just like with every dance class it is important to wear the right shoes to class and to perform in.

Look fierce as you mix and match hip hop tops pants jackets and more. With our selection of top hip hop dancewear you ll set the stage in trendy performance styles. Bring a dance bag that you use exclusively for dance.

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow easy movement no skirts. You do not want to wear regular tennis shoes as they do not provide enough support for your feet during the more complex dance moves. Don t forget to complete the look with our bestselling hip hop sneakers.

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