Wearing Boots Without Socks

With no socks to share the spotlight your shoes need to stand on their own. The leather in the inside of the boots more than likely will become dirty with sweat and possibly develop a smell.

When You Wear Tights And Boots Without Socks All Day And Take Your

Shoes without socks for women shoes without any socks can be considered as a forever prevailing trend especially when it comes to women because most of us are not fond of socks particularly the funky and printed ones.

Wearing boots without socks. It s because they are ankle boots and that s what people do and have been doing for quite a while now when they wear ankle boots when the weather is still mild they don t wear socks. When you wear boots without socks and just bare feet nothing bad will happen to your boots. Nothing more nothing less.

Not a noticeable smell that will knock off your socks but if you put your nose in your boots it will be detectable. The shoe designers know that and the boots are smooth on the inside and finished nicely so no blisters or rubbing. Black socks go with black boots.

The detractors two arguments against wearing shoes without socks. Opt for a footie sock that only cups the top of your toes and back of the heel. Nude socks go with brown boots.

It s the easiest shoe to sport sockless and it ll look stylish. Beginners can t go wrong with a classic loafer. This is actually a very good reason to avoid going sockless.

But if you wear your boots without socks the boots will eventually smell very bad from the inside from mold and sweat also your own feet might suffer by getting the early stages of calluses and sores from wearing boots with no barrier between them and your bare feet. From stiletto pumps to ballerina flats all are supposed to be worn with the ankles on a show. After a day of walking around without socks in any pair of shoes you re going to have some sweaty and stinky feet as well as some nasty smelling shoes.

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