Can You Have Blonde Hair And Brown Eyes

The combination of blonde hair pale skin and brown eyes is sometimes natural and sometimes achieved with hair coloring but always a striking and beautiful look. Celebrities like katherine heigl kiera knightly britney spears and kate mansi have all carried off this look beautifully.

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Can you have blonde hair and brown eyes. It s a stereotype. The mutation of these genes causes a reduction of melanin production you can consider me as a blond mutant red hair has been related to the mutation of mc1r melanocortin 1 receptor gene this gene induces low production of eumelanin brown black pigment and high production of pheomelanin. 17 of the world s population has blue eyes so it s not terribly rare.

Although red hair light eyes and light skin do tend to go together blondies can have eyes that are blue green. Brown hair and blue eyes is extremely common in the western european countries such as norway sweden germany england ireland scotland and wales. Like everyone else said people can be born with any combination of traits.

To go together blondies can have eyes that are blue green brown etc explore amanda athey s board brown blonde hair. Hair color and eye color are different genes so any combination is possible. Having blonde hair doesn t necessarily mean having blue eyes.

The few people with blonde hair and brown eyes are known to be very beautiful. People with a combination of blonde hair and brown eyes are very rare research has shown that there is no genetical link between blonde hair and brown eyes blonde hair has only been proven to be genetically linked with blue eyes which has also thrown more light on the reason why blonde hair and brown eyes are very rare. So the answer is.

Margaret flinn normal illinois inheritance of eye color is more complicated than we had once thought. Brown eyes and blonde hair are not and have a lesser statistically likehood. Blonde hair and blue eyes are genetically linked.

Is it possible for an adult with naturally blond hair to have brown eyes.

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