How To Wear Silver Eyeliner

For a pretty feminine look that will. For grey eyes use a matte silver.

Silver Eyeliner With Images Eye Makeup No Eyeliner Makeup

One is a more natural everyday eyeliner and the second is a winged eyeliner.

How to wear silver eyeliner. Draw attention to your natural eye color by using similar eyeliner to shade the inner rims of your lower lids. Apply a cream base to the lid and then a shimmery silver powder shadow of your choice all the way up to the brow bone. Apply a bone or soft beige shadow to even out any unwanted pigments in your skin and top off with a berry toned blush and lip color.

We can wear a lot of makeup as long as it is the right colors and blended well. Here are my tips on how to. And for brown eyes use a rust color.

To brighten and open up the eyes simply waterline the lower lash lines with silver. The notion of a single best liner shade for your eye color is as outdated as eating for your blood type. 5 ways to wear a silver eyeliner as a highlighter.

To perk up tired eyes line the inner corners of the eyes with a silver liner. First clean your face with a cleansing cream or wash you re it with water. When it comes to looking natural the sexy silver fox club always admits they need a little help in the makeup department.

For green eyes use olive green for hazel eyes use dark brown. Go to websites that specialize in silver hair and start educating yourself because silver hair is very trendy today and you look sexy. Silver eyeshadow can be tricky it s likely one of the first shades you picked up when you learned how to do makeup and promptly put back down when you discovered the wonderful world of neutral toned mattes and rose gold hues.

Follow the steps below and wear the eyeliner flawlessly. Everything you want to know is here. I apologize for all of the glitter looks but like i said before i ve just been enjoying glitter.

You can smudge it out with your finger as well for a light soft application. This is my 4th holiday makeup tutorial. Silver eyeliner is easy to wear like any other eyeliner.

How to wear silver eyeliner. Finish with a soft cream blush on the cheeks and be sure to brush some pomade through your eyebrows. Pencil eyeliner is very easy to wear compared to liquid eyeliner.

For example if you have blue eyes use a deep pearl blue. First line the lower lash line with a silver liner. I go step by step on how to easily create 2 looks with gel liner.

But even though warm toned shadows are having a moment right now silver is slowly returning to its former glory as the edgy metallic that looks good on a wide range of people. But certain shades can intensify your natural eye color and in some cases even change. Apply eyeliner for beginners.

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