Holes In My Underwear

Formal answer below the hole is more of a placket designed to allow men s urination without having to get. Okay as you can imagine i m a bit freaked out right now.

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I also find that i get holes in my underwear higher up.

Holes in my underwear. The vagina naturally has an acidic environment with a low ph. I m a dude and i get holes where my vagina would be if i were a girl too especially in exercise underwear. There are definitely lots of little holes in the crotch of my underwear that weren t there when i put them on earlier and they re all within the.

If there were no holes you wouldn t be able to get them on. Holes in clothes after washing there appears to be a problem with many washing machines routinely causing small holes in laundry. You re better off switching from boxers to those briefs with.

This is why ladies have a little pocket in their panties i have been wearing ladies knickers for over 30 years and today my whole life has changed now i know why there s a pocket in my panties. Lactobacilli good bacteria found in the vagina help to keep the ph at the right level so that one is not prone to infections so yes your vagina is bleaching your underwear but for a very good reason. It is best to use something like powdered peroxide oxyclean to wash the whites in hot water.

Ok so not knowing wasn t causing me a problem but now there s an actual reason for this apparent essential design that s in pretty much. I believe this is due to shaving and the shorter hair acting like sand paper on the fabric. If it s just the bottom front it s the zipper of your jeans tearing holes in them especially if you pick up kids or carry your laundry basket in front of you lean against the counter while cooking etc.

This may be what is causing your problem. Dr kim sonntag an obstetrician and gynaecologist explains. Vaginal secretions causing holes in underwear.

If you were to have used bleach on the underwear it mixes with the ammonia to weaken the fabric further. I vaguely remember somebody posting about this awhile back but i can t find the entry. With some people it occurs cyclically.

Judging from the correspondence i ve received so far it is happening to a lot of people with different makes of washing machine and with various drum sizes and spin speeds. If your thighs are touching each other and especially if you re sweating which increases the friction the rubbing will create holes.

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