Age Of Planets In Our Solar System

Gas planets might be little younger than rocky planets. A planet s age is a little less than sun s age of 4 6 billion years.

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Mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranus and neptune.

Age of planets in our solar system. This could have happened at about the same period of millions of years or later. Friday august 31 2018. Astronomers however are still hunting for another possible planet in our solar system a true ninth planet after mathematical evidence of its existence was revealed on jan.

These claims contradict the bible s clear teaching of a recent six day creation. Earth is the 5th largest planet in the solar system 12 000 kilometers in diameter and is thought to be 4 6 billion years old. Earth s age is about 4 53 billion years or a little more.

Secular astronomers insist our universe is 13 8 billion years old and our solar system is 4 6 billion years old. In spite of the secular scientists claims the enormous amount of data collected by unmanned space probes in the last half century strongly confirms that the planets moons and comets in our solar system are quite young. Sun s age is about 4 6 billion years.

With the exception of uranus and neptune each of these planets can be seen unaided. The solar system formed 4 6 billion years agofrom the gravitational collapseof a giant interstellar molecular cloud. All eight planets can be see through the use of an inexpensive amateur telescope or binoculars.

However a recent study released in early 2017 revealed that the planets of the trappist 1 system were between 5 4 9 8 billion years old about twice the age of our solar system. The earth consists of one moon. The vast majority of the system s massis in the sun with the majority of the remaining mass contained in jupiter.

By studying several things mostly meteorites and using radioactive dating techniques specifically looking at daughter isotopes scientists have determined that the solar system is 4 6 billion. Almost all meteorites see the canyon diablo meteorite are found to have an age of 4 6 billion years suggesting that the solar system must be at least this old. Our solar system has eight planets.

The system consists of an ultra cool red dwarf star and its seven temperate terrestrial planets three of which are in the habitable zone. Planets formed from planetesimals minute space bodies that come together coalesce to form larger planets. To estimate the age of the solar system scientists use meteorites which were formed during the early condensation of the solar nebula.

The earth revolves around its axis every 24 hours and orbits the sun every 365 days a year.

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