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Theories Of The Bermuda Triangle

Some people believe methane gas is responsible for bringing ships and planes to their watery graves in the. According to experts methane gas is abundant in the bermuda triangle.

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Top 7 theories behind the mysterious bermuda triangle methane gas.

Theories of the bermuda triangle. Hexagonal clouds and air bombs. The bermuda triangle s deaths and disappearances are the consequences of a curse theorized psychiatrist dr. One theory upheld by a number of conspiracy theorists is that of the time warp existing in the bermuda triangle region.

However scientists haven t been able to solve the mystery of aeroplanes as of yet. According to this theory those missing planes and ships enter a rip in time space continuum and travel through time finding themselves at the same place but in a different period. Hence theories suggest that this could be why so many ships drowned.

Supernatural theories there are several stories related to bermuda triangle. For the science fiction enthusiasts the wormhole theory holds a lot of appeal. Kenneth mcall of brook lyndhurst in england.

He believed the area may be haunted by the spirits of the many african slaves who had been thrown overboard on their voyage to america. The most popular story is the lost city of atlantis. Some people believe that there used to be a city named atlantis which is now under water.

No one truly knows or understands how they vanished. Some theories have suggested that the agonic line the point where the magnetic and true north are perfectly aligned passes through bermuda triangle resulting in a magnetic phenomenon which could. Large amount of methane gas is known to exist below the ocean floor trapped in the sediments in form of methane hydrates.

A wormhole is essentially a. If such gas. The bermuda triangle is a mythical section of the atlantic ocean roughly bounded by miami bermuda and puerto rico where dozens of ships and airplanes have disappeared.

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