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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Ada Wong Red Dress

Adngel replaces the following visuals exte. Ada and the red along story.

Evolution Of Ada Wong S Red Dress In Resident Evil Games Then Vs

In this video you will see some of the reactions to ada wong s red dress in the game called resident evil 2 remake.

Ada wong red dress. It s the first time ada wong has actually looked asian. She acted secretly in the background of many biohazard incidents and collected information which became useful to several. A mysterious woman full of lethal skill and compassion who has returned from death s door.

Chris warrington of playstation official magazine included ada in her characteristic red dress on the 2012 list of eight best dressed playstation characters calling her the wearer of the finest dress on the playstation. Join the community to add your comment. Here with you gamers react comp.

I updated the mod and corrected some things and added other things that were missing i hope you like. Its long ribboned black choker classy pointed toe pumps and classic red velvet dress adorned with gold tipped butterflies a symbol of reincarnation dazzle together just as much as they represent ada at her rawest. Support me on my patreon and get exclusive mods.

Ada wong エイダ ウォン eida won is the pseudonym of an enigmatic unnamed asian american spy of chinese descent who has gained notoriety in the corporate world for being able to handle serious situations and handle the most difficult requests without guilt. Ada wong red dress 28 1 6k 1 today by ladyannett. 1 coryxkenshin https www.

Author markos rc xnalara model. Ada wong in red dress is classic and fantastic ada in r4 looks better than r6 so does this mod thx bro.