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Are U Supposed To Wear Socks With Uggs

I find it sort of unsaniary to wearthem without only because they keep your feet warm so you don t want to be sweaty or stinky. Due to reason 2 i would not recommend wearing uggs without socks. Ugg Boots Can Cause Gross Fungal Infections Damp Fuzzy Boots Though it may be tempting to wear uggs barefoot the sweat and bacteria on your feet will shorten the lifespan of your boots. Are u supposed to wear socks with uggs . Well i don t have uggs but i have a pair of bearpaw boots which are kind of like uggs but less expensive. My son wears his without socks also and his uggs don t stink either. Yeah maybe my feet wouldn t sweat in them without but i just don t like the feeling of wearing any type of non sandal shoe without socks. I ve had my uggs for 6 years and always wear them without socks and they do not smell at all. Plus though sheep fur in the uggs are soooo comfy my socks make me even comfier. Those are slippers in simple terms like turn flops or napping shoes.