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If no you are ready to dye your bleached hair. At first it is possible to dye hair on the same day of bleaching.

I Bleached My Hair 3 Times In One Day And Youtube

Bleaching alone is bad but if you do it two times in one day.

Can i bleach my hair twice in one day. It totally depends on your hair and root condition. Many people bleach their hair the next day or again the same night because they don t like how the color turned out or they need it lighter. This is probably common sense but i wasn t really familiar with how intense bleach can be.

I d wait maybe a day or two. That s reallly really bad. There is a fact.

Bleaching twice in one day results. A year or so from now you ll be sitting in a stylist s chair with hot roots complaining that you can t get an even color result no matter what you do your hair feels like straw and whatever color you put in fades into something drab and ugly within a week. You can dye your hair any time without any tension of damage if your hair has just the normal condition.

Rather than trying to go pastel in one go test out how the color will look on you and how the bleaching process affects you on a small inconspicuous portion of your hair. Related questions more answers below. Only one way to find out if your hair can handle it.

I just recommend waiting maybe a day or two to ensure your scalp and hair can handle the irritation. I bleached my hair just to get highlights back in may and i still have the effects of the bleach in my. 1 don t bleach your entire head five times in one night.

I did a video on bleaching your hair with coconut oil in it and this is a follow up video of bleaching it again the same say also using coconut oil in it. You should ask a simple question to yourself that are you feeling any problems or noise about your hair. If you re trying to lift dark hair to light you normally have to bleach it two or three times and that is often done in one day.

I m guessing you change hair colors frequently using bleach each time to strip out the previous color.