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Chinese parents pay for music lessons not because they expect their offspring to earn a living. Thirty six million chinese kids now study classical piano not counting string and woodwind players.

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In addition to boosting intelligence further studies have shown that listening to classical music can have other benefits.

Classical music makes you smarter. Music does benefit the mind in other ways however while it may not explicitly make people more intelligent learning an instrument and analyzing music can actually sharpen listening skills overall. Classical music can help relieve anxiety as shown by how doctors today use music therapy to help treat disorders such as dementia and poor sleeping. Can classical music make you smarter.

Listening to classical music has not been shown to improve intelligence in children or adults. In fact researchers have found that young children who watch classical music based television learn fewer words just as children who watch regular television do. Not only does it make you smarter but also feel better.

It s also been said to be able to improve people s memories.