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At first they were named from a phonetic alphabet able baker charlie and so on but this method was changed in 1953 in favor. The national hurricane center began formally naming storms in 1950.

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Meteorologists predict 16 named tropical storms will form eight of which will become hurricanes.

How are hurricanes named. In the event that more than 21 named tropical cyclones occur in the atlantic basin in a season additional storms then will take names from the greek alphabet. The world meteorological organization chooses hurricane names several years in advance based on a. Hurricanes that swept through the caribbean often were named for the saint s day on which they occurred.

Names have been given to atlantic hurricanes for a few hundred years. Naming of tropical storms and hurricanes has been going on for centuries. The last three letters of the.

For example hurricane santa ana. Originally hurricanes were given the names of saints who were honored on the day they occurred according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. History of atlantic hurricane names.

Origins of naming hurricanes old records have shown that hurricanes were named after a specific saint s day that occurred. People living in the caribbean islands named storms after the saint of the day from the roman catholic liturgical calendar for the day on which the hurricane occurred such as hurricane san felipe when two hurricanes struck on the same date in different years the hurricanes would be referred to by names such as hurricane san felipe the first and hurricane san felipe the second. Hurricanes are assigned names for the purpose of public safety clare nullis a spokesperson for the world meteorological organization wmo told live science in an email it s easier for the media.