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Ask for a strand test. Prepare your hair 1.

Bleaching Curly Hair W No Damage Olaplex Dupe Wanda Mulzac

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How to bleach curly hair. But there are ways of doing it to minimise the damage and i think my hair is proof of this. Work with virgin or almost virgin hair. How does bleach work.

I used to dye my hair black back in my emo days and the dye took really well to my hair but i m a bit scared to bleach it as i ve heard that bleaching ginger hair can be really difficult. One thing i ve realized after bleaching my hair. Load up on the olaplex.

Stock up on conditioner. How to dye curly hair without damaging it book a consultation and explore alternatives to bleach. Play with semipermanent shades.

I ve been colouring my curly hair for years now and over the last couple of years i went blonder and blonder until i ve eventually gone pink. How i bleached my dark hair to platinum blonde white hair bleaching for dark or curly hair tutorial duration. How i bleach my curly hair without damaging it and protect my curly hair from bleach.

Coconut oil is your best friend. Take a hiatus from styling. I m not fussed about a bit of damage as i d really like my hair to be slightly less curly.

Try highlights instead of allover color. How does bleach affect curly hair. Sharing my best tips and curly hair treatments that i do before during and after a colour appointment that.

Bleaching hair removes of the color by decolorizing the pigment in the hair shaft through oxidation. Condition like your life depends on it. Along with gently removing product buildup and excess oil from your scalp acv can also help lighten your hair especially if your natural highlights are on the warmer side.

The effects of bleaching are not limited to the hair follicles however as the scalp face and neck are all generally exposed to bleach during any color service. Stop heat styling your hair and refrain from using shampoos. The most damaging of all coloring methods bleach usually uses ammonia or hydrogen peroxide often these two are mixed together to permanently lighten the hair by reacting to hair s melanin.

Lightening or bleaching your hair takes a heavy toll especially when you have curly hair. Fill a spray bottle.