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Place a 1 4 inch band of elastic around the top of the thong. Cut out leg holes to create thong shape.

How To Make Your Own Panties The Lingerie Addict

Trim off extra fabric on the sides of regualr underwear so it s just the elastic on the sides.

How to cut underwear into a thong. Turn it laying on a flat surface with the back of the underwear facing up and get fabric chalk or regular chalk if you don t have fabric chalk and make a line to guide you of where you would like to have the thong section in the butt section of the panty cut out. Then you trim off some of the fabric on the front and keep trimming to about the middle of the underwear. Attach a lining for the crotch if desired.

Cut and pin fold over elastic to new leg holes. Then get thinner and thinner as you cut towards the back of the underwear. Sew fold over elastic to leg hole.

How to make a thong out of regular underwear step 1. Repeat for other leg hole. Grab some old panties and i say old because you won t likely wear them again.

Sew both the top and bottom of the cotton piece with a simple running stitch. Take a piece of cotton and cut it to fit within the crotch area of the thong. Repeat steps 2 3 for other leg opening and fold over elastic.