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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How To Make A Pleated Dress

Topstitch along both long edges if desired. This is much harder to work with than cardstock.

Making A Flared Box Pleated Skirt Pleated Skirt Diy Diy Skirt

Sew the straps fold each strap piece in half lengthwise and sew down the long edge using a scant 1 2 inch seam allowance.

How to make a pleated dress. Watch this video if you are a beginner and want to learn about 6 different types of pleats. Turn the straps right side out. Ironing and keeping the pleats even is a hard job unless we find a way of pleating in a uniform manner.

Making the pleats starting at the left hand side end of the folded strip place the seam gauge perpendicular to the second 1 mark and hold it in place with one hand. The first thing any designer needs is a sketch. With the opposite hand grab the first 1 mark and fold it over the seam gauge until it meets the third 1 mark.

Repeat for both sides creating equal pleats. In the middle of the dress where your child s waistline is gently fold in towards the center the fabric and pin. Repeat for a second or third line of pleats on each side until you get the dress waist to approximately the same size as your child s waist diameter.

Press the fold and gently slide the seam gauge out. How to make a pinafore dress. Diy pleated dress pattern for a bodice i used the pattern new look 0909 for the bodices.

The board is made from. 2 1 2 to 3 yards poplin fabric this fabric is wonderful seriously. How to make a pleated paper dress step 1.

You can get it for a great price with a coupon at joanns. I was lucky enough to have large pieces of paper to work with. This task can be now be easily accomplished using my pleating board.

Its a full tutorial about box pleats inverted box pleats knife pleats accordian pleats kingussie pleats.