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British speech requires a dropped jaw and vertically open lips. Hold your hands parallel to one another on either side.

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Speaking with a british accent generally requires more facial.

How to speak in a british accent. There s no such thing as a british accent. Start with the rs. Enunciate on heavy consonant words.

Imagine you are blowing kisses and then say the word swan. Pronounce that t in duty as t. Not as the d as.

Not just any old listening you will need to listen to natural english speakers with variations in accent. Mastering mouth movements 1. To start sounding more native and have a british accent your best bet is to watch programmes on the bbc.

What you re probably thinking of is received pronunciation which is the most famous british accent due to its use in the media and foreign television say by the queen or benedict cumberbatch. Speak through your hands to help your mouth move vertically. Fletcher a dialect coach and author of classically speaking.

Focus on keeping energy in your upper lip as you speak. Understand that in most british accents speakers don t roll their rs except for. However in practice only around 2 of british people actually speak with this accent 2 making it a minority accent.

It s far more common in the uk to be specific and talk about english welsh scottish or northern irish accents the four of which are very distinct from each other. How to speak in a british accent method 1 of 6. Try to observe the way their presenters use their mouth their tongue and watch the way their lips move.

Dialect for actors spoke with business insider about the methods behind mastering a proper british accent which largely comes down. Practice flicking and. We brits rarely use that term ourselves and we tend to roll our eyes when we hear it used in american tv shows.

You ll notice that there are local programmes too so you could pick up a northern southern or geordie accent in the process. Americans speak with wide almost grinlike mouths. To speak english fluently with a british accent you need a lot of listening practice.

Today we focus on a welsh accent but as the lesson explains even welsh has several accent variations.