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Hair dye in eye. Please like and comment on this video letting me know what you want to see on my channel.

Change Your Eye Color Options For Surgery Safety And More

I wiped with a tissue and a little bit of dye came off on the tissue.

I got hair dye in my eye. It can also show fluid that is leaking from your eye. Not get my hair colored or b. At that point i decided i was either going to a.

I was coloring my hair black permanent dye when i felt a wet drop on the eyelashes of one eye. It was that first pressure of water mixed with hair dye that went over my left eye and burnt my eye. I have it too and it pizzes me off all together.

After you do this rinse it with sailing. So that happen hahah if you want to see the whole video on dying my hair let me know in the comments. Get sailing solution and rinse your eye thoroughly with it.

My eye could also be irratated by the massive amounts of water i used. Show more i know it said to rinse it out but i did what i could to rinse my eye since the part i m dying is around my face. And you couldn t even see dye in my eye.

It s not like a glob of dye got in my eye or the hair stayed there. When i get my hair colored in a salon they charged me 120 00 because my hair was longer. Hair dye into the eye amounts to a chemical injury to the eye.

They aren t cutting more hair wtf. The first measure to be taken here is to give the eye a thorough eye wash which you have very rightly done. This test uses dye and blue light to show damage to your eye.

It was the first rinse of water that came down and went into my left eye with basically the contcentrated hair dye. Hi i got hair dye in my eye while washing hair dye off of my hair and it made my eyes really dry and i also have a blurred vision could that be due to the hair dye that got into my eye or is it cause it s really dry. Ten dollars more because my hair is longer for a cut.

What happened was i was dying it and a bit of hair fell down and poked my eye. This will be uncomfortable at first but after a minute your eye will get used to it. Make sure the water pressure is low.

It can also show fluid that is leaking from your eye. It is also a good idea to rinse your eye under the sink with room temperature water for 3 to 5 min. This test measures the pressure inside your eye.

There was no burning no pain no change in vision. I felt the initial burn for a few seconds and the burning went away similar to the shampoo burn.