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Some people thrive on looking their very best every day and you know that s great for them but me i can t stand dressing up. I never wear dresses because it just doesnt fit how i am.

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I have been on 5 cruises and seen a variety of dress options even at the captains dinner.

I hate dressing up. The only rule for the dinning room is no shorts or tank tops. There i said it. 960 i know i m not the only one but i absolutely hate dressing up like for almost anything.

This is how i dress or i dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable or this may be dressed up to you but it s not to me or this is my dressed down. So if you hate dressing up for halloween what are your options. You don t have to dress up.

This is my dressed down. Costumes seem like more trouble than they are worth. I prefer jeans and t shirts even when i go to bars or clubs i always just toss on a shirt.

I definitely enjoy dressing up. You should see me when i m dressed up but have been known to say when getting irritated by the constant pressure to adopt the californian uniform. I hate dressing up.

I hate dressing well why. That feeling of satisfaction from looking like that is more than worth any possible discomfort form the collar not fitting quite right. The captains dinner is dressier but you don t have to go.

Dressing modestly would get you more comfortable around people. Yeah this pretty much sums it up. I like to run around and sit in random positions do things that are deemed inappropriate to do if you are wearing a dress.

I don t like to dress up. I usually just wear casual jean shorts shirt type clothes. This video is unavailable.

There are other places to eat on the ship. Saving you from unwanted stairing and unwanted glances. Modestly dressing would be wearing clothes which are not revealing and not attracting opposite sex.

By allison alli n son on january 4 2011. I just hate dressing nice. That is always an option my friends.

I hate wearing dresses dressing up. Boycott any halloween parties and just stay home by yourself watching 30 rock re runs. I just don t see the fun it.

Something about dressing in a dress shirt and dress pants makes me feel uncomfortable. I hate dress shirts and even when i do where them i always wear jeans just so i can feel a bit comfortable. They never actually look the way i envisioned them in my head.

I hate dressing up why yoga pants are the way to go.