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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Is It Bad To Wear Sweatpants In Public

Sweatpants are not something you wear in public or outside of a gym i don t see why people wear sweatpants out in public. With the clarification that the sweatpants fit and aren t torn up and dirty.

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Agreeing with the sweatpants are ok but pajamas are not.

Is it bad to wear sweatpants in public. To enlighten you for future reference it is tacky to do that anyone who is fashion forward fashion trendy knows you do not wear sweat pants out in public they are for hitting the gym. Frankly you shouldn t even wear them at home let alone in public. Obviously i don t go around criticizing people wearing pajamas in public because that s essentially what sweatpants are used for.

They re way too baggy and way too schlubby looking to ever pass as presentable and worst of all. He is more comfortable which in his case has a measurable effect on his behavior and ability to learn. Sweatpants are an abomination.

Today s chic sweats feature high tech fabric blends and a more tapered fit that flatters any. But yes you can turn sweatpants into good looking casual sportswear provided you choose them carefully. The only thing i have said no to him wearing to school is the shoes with blinkers on them.

I m going to preface this by saying wear whatever you want be happy be comfortable but also don t wear sweatpants at the office. It s a classroom not your living room. Most people reserve sweatpants for jogging and lounging around the house.

They just don t look good. Sweatpants are a major do but they aren t the schlubby not to be seen in public pants of yesteryear. Yes i let my son wear sweatpants.

I choose nicer ones and try to get matching sets if possible. Some of it is up to the instructor too. Is there a time and place for sweatpants if your choosing to wear them.

At home or the gym not at the mall not on a date.