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Jesus Lizard Facts

Thanks to super speed and specially designed feet the basilisk lizard can run on water. Yes while the jesus christ lizard eats plants they also eat animals and their fellow lizards are not out of the menu. Meet Jesus The Lizard Video Wildlife Planet Weird Animals Animals Lizard 1 common basilisk has super speed light weight and special toes. Jesus lizard facts . The jesus christ lizard. Also known as the basilisk the lizard comes with well equipped with webbed hind legs. Hatchlings weigh a mere 2 grams 0 071 oz and are 38 to 43 mm 1 5 to 1 7 in long. Well this little guy has the amazing ability to run on water. Basiliscus genus generally called basilisks belongs to the genus of the big corytophanid lizards. While on the water surface they can sprint at a speed of 1 5 meters per second and with this speed they can approximately over a distance of 4 5 meters before sinking. It is crested all round. An ability that makes it deadly to insects and has led people to cal