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Men Who Wear Thongs

I guess it is part because of the stereotype that if you are gay then you are more feminine. Well thongs for men are absolutely the sexiest mens underwear style and so are the other variants that are available in the mens underwear industry. Men S Underwear Guy Guide Wearing Thongs At Work But it was not late for the mens underwear industry to grab the sexy underwear style for the male fraternity again. Men who wear thongs . They are better person a better father a better husband even a better employee. Some men prefer thongs for daily tasks like working and running errands. Shopping mens thongs from skiviez is a piece of cake and is very advantageous for you. Thongs for men are the absolute symbol of sexiness you got to try thongs before you die. Which then leads to that when most guys probably think of a thong they think of a women s thong and of course they look feminine. A men who like to wear women s panties is more than just a man. Obviously as a male it wou