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However she is shown to be a competent rhyhorn racer and is quite knowledgeable about them. Don t forget to leave a like.

Pokemon Serena S Haircut On Disney Xd Youtube

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Serena cuts her hair. Later that morning serena presented her new look to her friends. It also symbolizes a new start. Cutting or shaving the hair represents determination after a loss guilt or humiliation.

Scene episode 60 pokemon xy. I decided to make this video as i promised cutemimi25. Serena williams cut her hair into a platinum blonde bob.

Serena change look in pokémon xy episode 60 clip 目指せカロスクイン. She cut her hair because the writers just wanted a different look for serena then the other poke girls who have the same hair but with different clothes when they meet again. By cutting her hair serena was telling ash that she is determined but also at the same time she idolizes him as someone amazing like how ash says dawn is the best.

Um yeah i m sorry i trolled you all with this one. Why did serena cut her hair. Opening her eyes serena cuts her hair short as the sun rose on a new day and a new her.

What did she look like after. I don t own pokémon this is just a theory. So serena was the first poke girl to change her outfit and cut her hair unlike the others including ash who just changes his outfit and hat and his hair his been the same.

Unlike with dawn serena chose to not follow in her mother s footsteps as a rhyhorn racer. I am an amourshipper but i love poking fun at it. After going to the end of the dock serena puts her scissors to her hair then close her eyes as she remembers all the events of her journey that lead up to this moment.

Ash serena kiss scene pokemon xyz duration. Pokemon xy episode 27 clip official disney xd africa duration. Awesome and lovely moments.

My cousin made it not me. After losing her first pokémon showcase serena strengthened her resolve to do even better and to symbolize this she cut her hair short. See the tennis champion s new haircut here.