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This video shows you just how our pros do it so you can apply fresh color effortlessly. Before sectioning brush or comb your hair until it is tangle free.

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How to section your hair before hair colouring.

Sectioning hair for coloring. Sectioning hair makes applying your hair color oh so easy. Well you can certainly color your hair without it but there are strong benefits to sectioning your hair before color application. Typically stylists divide the hair into four sections to prepare for applying color.

This gives four even sections of hair to work with and keeps the areas not being worked out of the way. For one sectioning allows you to really saturate the areas you need to while keeping the hair you re not working on out of the way. Hair color magic 29 691 views.

The hair is parted down the center from front to back and then from ear to ear across the crown section. Hair color sectioning for long hair anything past the chin duration. Sectioning your hair helps you work through your hair quicker and easier making sure you apply product everywhere it needs to be while giving you a cleaner organised colour application and complete even coverage.