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Shea Moisture Made My Hair Fall Out

I joined the swim team and got braids to help make my hair more manageable especially. Your hair shouldn t start falling out a ton when you switch to new product. Thinning Hair Here Are 8 Ways To Make It Fuller And Shinier Self For some reason after about a year into my transition my hair started haaaaating curl enhancing smoothie. Shea moisture made my hair fall out . Be prepared it is a jelly like mud but works into a great lather just take at least 2 tbsp has a clean fresh smell and left my scalp feeling clean and nourished. Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie as a transitioner i used to love mixing curl enhancing smoothie with some aloe vera gel to moisturize and style my hair. Hair has dense s shaped coils that are soft and pliable. This is not normal. Okay so the dry winter weather has made my hair drier than usual and i love all shea moisture products. This type also shrinks when wet. The california weather dries out my hair. A lot of shedding shea moistu