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In this week s 2 minute tuesday we re answering a question about when and where men should wear no show. Just buy ankle socks so that it doesnt show when you wear it.

How To Wear Socks With Vans Best Style Guide For 2020 Soxy Com

The weather is warm and that means it s the right time to rethink your sock strategy.

Should i wear socks with vans. The vans are so stretchy and comfy that they can be worn without typical socks. People have been going sockless in the vans slip on for 40 years and it s still one of the most stylish ways to stay cool in the heat caption vans slip on 50. Made with exceptionally wear resistant treads ankle padding and tough canvas vans shoes are a longtime favorite of skateboarders around the world.

However too tight shoes without socks can give you blisters so make sure that your shoes are rightly fitted if you want to wear them without socks. Personal style from pipe to street vans has been producing their iconic skate shoes for over 50 years. Should vans be worn without socks.

No it s just up to you and what s comfortable with this shoes you can also wear an usually banned color like white and light coloured socks. What socks to wear socks with vans. I always wear socks with anything like that vans converse etc.

Plus socks really decrease friction that causes blisters and calluses. It s best that you wear them with full pants and overall plain and simple look. Its alot more hygienic doesnt make your feet or shoe smell.