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The taj mahal is well known across the world for its historical value its tale. Seven natural wonders of the world 7 mount everest nepal and china.

New Seven Wonders Of The World In 2020 New Seven Wonders Seven Wonders Wonders Of The World

Taj mahal india.

The seven wonders of the world. Machu picchu peru. Located in the himalayas mount everest is the tallest mountain in the world and one of the world s seven wonders. Seven natural wonders of the world.

In 2000 a swiss foundation launched a campaign to determine the new seven wonders of the world. It is the world s largest living structure. The new 7 wonders of the world taj mahal india.

The seven wonders of the ancient world from left to right top to bottom. Great pyramid of giza hanging gardens of babylon temple of artemis statue of zeus at olympia mausoleum at halicarnassus colossus of rhodes and the lighthouse of alexandria timeline and map of the seven wonders. Great wall of china china.

You can read a short article about these seven world wonders here. The seven wonders of greco roman antiquity inspired the compilation of many other lists of attractions both natural and human made by successive generations. The colosseum in italy.

The birth of the paricutin volcano was witnessed. Many have attempted the ascent over the years but these days with more adventure companies offering. Given that the original seven wonders list was compiled in the 2nd century bce and that only one entrant is still standing the pyramids of giza it seemed time for an update and people around the world apparently agreed as more than 100 million votes were cast on the internet or by text messaging.

Probably the most well known mountain in the world for climbing everest is notorious for being one of the most deadly and most difficult. Chichen itza mexico. New seven wonders of the world the following list of the new seven wonders is presented without ranking and aims to represent global heritage.

The roman colosseum italy. Taj mahal in india. Seven wonders of the solar system enceladus a moon of saturn the great red spot of jupiter the asteroid belt the surface of the sun the oceans of earth the rings of saturn olympus mons on mars.

Rome italy hosts the colosseum which is one of the world s new seven. Chichen itza mexico. Modern seven wonders of the world.

Christ the redeemer statue brazil. Among such lists all of which are limited to seven wonders are the architectural wonders of the middle ages the natural wonders of the world the natural wonders of the united states the architectural wonders of the modern. Price and stock could change after publish date and we may make money from these links.

The great barrier reef is one of the richest and most complex natural systems on earth.