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Underarm Sweat Stains

The stains under your arms caused by deodorant and body soil trap bacteria cause stiffness discolor the fabric and cause odor. Here s the basic science. Pinterest Experiment Removing Underarm Stains Lindsay Ann Loft Underarm Stains Remove Deodorant Stains Pit Stains So naturally if you want to banish yellow pit stains you ll need to stop using aluminum based antiperspirants. Underarm sweat stains . White vinegar method 1 cup distilled white vinegar water heavy duty laundry detergent. Say goodbye to yellow underarm stains according to the folks at degree the stains occur when the aluminum in your antiperspirant or deodorant combines with the salt in your sweat. Add one cup distilled white vinegar. Processed foods liquor and beer garlic and onions foods that have a high fat content caffeine hot spicy dishes ice cream. Sponge the sweat stains with white vinegar before pretreating with an enzyme prewash stain remover like carbona or liquid enzyme detergent like tide. As we men