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The pad is just small enough to be shaped into a thong panty liner. I can t wear a tampon so don t reccomend that.

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Wearing a pad with a thong. Insert the pad into the correct spot on the thong gusset and use the sticky wings to fold over on the outside of the thong. Sure they have those pads that you can wear with thongs but you re pretty much inviting leakage to your doorstep if you wear one of those on a heavy day. But i have my period.

Any change in your. Wearing a pad during your period is possible with a little imagination and creativity. So so excited to bring you this video.

Yes but like not a thick one just like a liner thing when wearing a tampon otherwise if you wear a thick one then you might be able to see like the outline of the pad they also sell liners that. It s sponsored by one of my fav companies thinx. So not only do you have to wear a diaper like pad but you have to wear granny panties in order to accommodate the size of that pad.

A pad will not stay in place with a thong. You can try it but if you re just starting off stick with the regular ones. They keep your pad from lodging to the side and feeling like a diaper.

It s for about 4 hours so i don t think i could go without one. Okay this is my aunt s account. It started on sunday so it s less heavy now and i could probably wear a panty liner.

With wings and without. It would be hard to control leakage by wearing a thong but if you do choose a thong then wear a tampon. Pads including the genius ones designed for thong underwear can increase the bacteria count in your vagina particularly if you change it infrequently dr.

Before i got married i use to wear men s bikini underwear regular and string. Use code wearithinx for 5 off your first purchase. Wings are those sticky little pieces that adhere to your underwear.

Again two things here. Today i have a dance recital and i have to wear a thong so my underwear wont show through my bootie shorts. Well wearing a pad while you re wearing a thong is sort of asking for trouble.