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The trick is to pick a part of your body that you like and get a dress which will flatter and flaunt it. The best dresses for girls with broad shoulders soft shouldered dresses.

Best Evening Dresses Solutions For Broad Shoulders Women With

If you like your boobs go for a low cut gown if you like your legs show them off in a short dress.

Dress for wide shoulders. Use color blocking to visually narrow parts of your. Avoid the extra attention by pairing one of these tops with a bottom that adds volume or go for a full bodied dress as pictured above. Strapless and off the shoulder tops lead the eye to the shoulders sometimes making them seem even wider than they naturally are.

Bootcut or flare jeans are the best pants for broad shouldered women as they create balance to the overall figure while drawing the focus to the bottom and downplaying the shoulders in the process. Think of a v neckline like an arrow pointing downward. Especially if you have a hard time knowing how to dress broad shoulders.

The result is a harmonious level of curves. If you have broad shoulders maybe you think that you look like a professional swimmer and don t feel comfortable showing them off. The same thing could also be said for other wide legged pants.

You re exactly where you need to be. Avoid dresses with crisp defined shoulders. The best dresses for broad shoulders and big arms are those that have a scoop or v neckline rather than a crew or square neckline.

However broad shoulders can come to a range of different body shapes which is why i wanted to focus on this particular physical feature. Dresses with these necklines are best because they draw they eye downward towards the waist away from broad shoulders. Generally speaking those with broad shoulders often fit into the inverted triangle body shape.

Wrap dresses and other styles of dresses with a v shaped neckline are perfect.