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What Is The Black Hand Ww1

The black hand also known as the unity of death was founded in may of 1911 for the sole purpose of making serbia a better nation. Black hand gang was considered as organization which partly triggered the world war i because of their connection of the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand in sarajevo in june 1914. Dimitrijevic Apis Serbian Black Hand Conspirator Who Plotted Assassination Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand And Duchess Sophie June 19 Military Coup Serbian Wwi With many members in the black hand also in the serbian military status intellect ammunition and manpower were abundant. What is the black hand ww1 . The black hand movement was founded by captain dragutin dimitrijevic better known as apis. The seal of their group is reproduced above. Early members included colonel dragutin dimitrijevic the chief of the intelligence department of the serbian general staff major voja tankosicand milan ciganovic. Gavrilo princip see photo the assassin of franz ferdinand and h