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The colors work in beautiful harmony with each other. Perhaps such a look will look somewhat conservative but by no means boring.

Blake Lively Nude Sandals Burgundy Dress 2014 Cannes Film Festival

Blue and purple color shoes.

What shoes to wear with burgundy dress. Fourth detail let s talk about patterns. Dark grey trousers with burgundy shoes is a can t miss combination of things. You can make your burgundy shoes warm weather appropriate by pairing them.

If it matches you can wear it. I would say all blue hues from navy to cobalt to bright turquoise would look fab with any red or burgundy outfit. Gray jewelry and shoes of steel mouse or ashy color make up a decent pair of burgundy dress.

Nude shoes are probably the go to color shoes to wear with a burgundy dress when you don t want to wear black shoes. After all it has an obvious advantage universality. Nude shoes soften a burgundy dress.

To oversimplify things a bit navy is a very deep blue and burgundy is a deep red. 10 best shoe color choices to complement your burgundy dress 1. Best trouser matches navy.

Beige and blush heels and sandals. White colored dress sandals and high heels. You can wear burgundy shoes diamond shoes white black all colors would work.

Well a burgundy dress or maroon outfit with blue shoes or purple shoes can look absolutely fab. Diamonds are usually ever girls favorite when they re wearing a dress. But it all depends on what shade your burgundy dress is.

Next to black nude is probably the most common color shoes ladies choose to wear with their burgundy dresses.