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When you arrive at the home of the sick person endeavor to stay positive and don t dwell on negatives. You could open up conversation with phrases like.

Comforting Words For Terminally Ill Friends And Loved Ones Knowing What To Say By Fran Johns Beliefnet Words Of Comfort Comfort Words Sayings

Of course i d be happy to help you out in any.

What to say if someone is sick. I hope they release you soon because we need you more than they do. I know we never really talk but i wanted to let you know i m here. A little sympathy and a compliment are almost always welcome.

Dear friend bid farewell to your bad health and get ready to greet happiness and wellness. You re a superhero and the bravest person in the galaxy i know you re gonna roll your eyes when you see this what to say when someone is not feeling well or has a cold flu or a temporary illness. I don t know what to say but i care about you.

Do say it s okay not to be the perfect sick person. Patients can feel a lot of pressure to be strong stay positive or fight hard even when they re feeling sad and weak. I heard that you are in the hospital.

I ve been thinking a lot about you it s good to see you i m glad i was able to visit you etc. It is comforting to know that we have a support network of friends and family who truly care about us. It s a bit easier to know what to say when someone has a temporary illness.

Say i m glad your surgery went smoothly instead of sorry you had to lose a toe don t say let me know if there s any way i can help they probably won t ask so you need to tell them how you want to help then offer a specific time for that help. I ll keep your family in my prayers. Wishing you a very speedy recovery my friend.

Here s a sample of suggestions from the twitter community for what to say to a sick person. Stay positive and don t dwell on negatives. What to say when someone is sick with a chronic illness i m here to listen it seems so simple but one of the best things you can say is that you are just ear to listen and shoulder to cry on.

What to say to an acquaintance or coworker with a sick relative i hear you have an illness in your family i ll be thinking of you all. What to say when someone is sick 1.